Offering quality products and services in compliance with environmental, health and safety at work norms is critical. For this reason, the Zincoplating company holds numerous certificates as a guarantee of operations and treatments that are really reliable and innovative.


As for the certifications that demonstrate the quality of our production processes and compliance with environmental regulations, Zincoplating holds several documents.

Our certificates include:

  • UNI EN ISO 9001 since 1998;
  • UNI EN ISO 14001 since 2005;

Moreover, since 1993 the company has held the Waste Water Quality Certificate, demonstrating its reliability and commitment towards environmental measures.

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The Zincoplating's goals have always been full customer satisfaction and the highest quality workmanship. To achieve these objectives, the company has a strong focus and commitment towards the environment, implementation of precautionary measures to safeguard the water supply, full compliance with regulations and laws, personnel training and technological innovation.

The Moncalieri based company has a chemical laboratory equipped with all the necessary equipment for the ongoing and timely monitoring of its production processes.

Zincoplating quality control

Our main monitoring equipment includes:

  • N°2 X-Ray systems to measure thickness and deposited alloy
  • N°1 saline mist chamber for corrosion tests ISO 9227 and ASTM B 117
  • N°1 atomic absorption for the galvanisation process checks.
Special attention is paid to wastewater, processed through a new sewage treatment plant, which is vital to preventing the absorption of harmful substances into the groundwater and soil. Lastly, the company also has fume removal system to contain air pollution.


Protecting the environment is an imperative of the utmost importance for those who work with pollutant substances and chemicals. As a company, Zincoplating has always been sensitive to environmental protection and careful to take practical precautions to protect the integrity of the ecosystem.

Particular attention is paid to wastewater, treated with a new sewage treatment plant which is vital for preventing the absorption of harmful substances in groundwater and soils. In addition, the company also has an automatic fume abatement system to curb air pollution.

As a certified guarantee of the company's environmental policy, Zincoplating has held UNI EN IS0 14001 certification since 2005 and IEA authorisation since 2006.



Quality and Environment Management System - M INT 03.00.01 rev.6

To assert its competitiveness in an increasingly demanding and articulated market, ZINCOPLATING is committed to providingquality products and services in respect of the environment and health and safety in the workplace, while maintaining high attention on market prospects, trying to improve its performance by introducing elements of innovation.

ZINCOPLATING directs its mission by adopting the following principles:

  • Promote full customer satisfaction;
  • Prevent possible pollution or accidents at work;
  • Compliant with legislative requirements and regulatory requirements applicable to the products and services offered, to the means of production and to company structures;
  • Train and sensitize the staff who play a significant role, in order to increase their competence and professionalism;
  • Take care of its position on the market and foster the relationship with its stakeholders.
  • Pursue declared improvement objectives, including currently:
    • technological innovation
    • optimization of the use of raw materials / substances;;
    • improvement of water resources: management: reduction of water consumption and quality of discharged water;
    • containment of energy consumption by favoring low-consumption technologies and solutions;
    • attention to the prevention of the risk of soil contamination and water discharges;
    • continuous development of the Quality and Environmental Management System, improving its effectiveness and efficiency;
    • implementation of the safety management system.

With the aim of having continuity and effectiveness of its mission, ZINCOPLATING S.r.l. adopts an intergrated Management System, compliant with the international regulatory standards UNI EN ISO 9001 and UNI EN ISO 14001, in order to maintain control of company processes and promoting continuous improvement of performance.

Moncalieri, 15/03/2018