Zincoplating Srl, a story since 1964

Founded in 1993 from the split up of a group operating for decades in the field of anti-corrosion surface protection, Zincoplating Srl based in Moncalieri stands out for its constant technological research and product quality in galvanising treatments.
The work experience gained since 1964 by the founder Nicola Dicosta is a great professional asset for his children, who followed in his footsteps and are continuing his work still today.

The management and production aspects of the company, together with a professional and skilled continuity across generations and a streamlined dynamic organisational structure, are the flagship of Zincoplating Srl based in Moncalieri.
The achievement of the Waste Water Quality Certificate, environmental certification and approvals from leading companies, highlight Zincoplating Srl's special commitment to constantly maintaining the quality of our surface coatings, while respecting the environment for all our galvanising processes.
Our high quality and short delivery times are important distinguishing factors for a modern and dynamic company: Zincoplating Srl also excels in providing constant collaboration when the customer's production methods require immediate service.

The Company

Established as a sound business, reliable and always at the forefront of the sector, the company employs qualified staff supported by the latest machinery for galvanising treatments, zinc nickel rack and barrel plating, zinc flake processes and top coats on small metal components.

The company, based in Moncalieri near Turin, has a total space of 7,000 square metres, including 4,000 square metres indoors occupied by 32 employees. All our machinery is made up of automatic primary equipment, including:

  • N°2 lines with alkaline zinc barrel plating without cyanide;
  • N°1 line with alkaline zinc rack plating without cyani;
  • N°2 lines with alkaline zinc nickel barrel plating;
  • N°1 line with alkaline zinc nickel rack plating;
  • N°1 line with zinc flake barrel plating and top coats.
In addition, the company has secondary machinery such as sanders, dehydrogenation furnaces and sealing systems. The laboratory is equipped with all the tools needed to monitor the production processes, performed with A X-RAY thickness control systems, a saline mist chamber, and atomic absorption.

Zincoplating also has quality and environmental certifications ‒ our guarantee for truly outstanding work. The certificates we hold include:
  • UNI EN ISO 9001 since 1998;
  • UNI EN ISO 14001 since 2005;
  • Integrated Environmental Authorisation (IEA) since 2006.

The Zincoplating srl factory