Anti-friction and wear-resistant dry lubrication coatings

Our anti-friction coatings are dry lubricants which, in their formulation, resemble common industrial paints. They contain solid lubricants such as pigments and resins, as well as binders and solvents. The main pigments are MoS2, graphite and PTFE. Our modern anti-friction coatings meet various specific requirements. Nanotechnologies are increasingly important. Given the lubrication efficiency and corrosion protection of our anti-friction coatings, the pigment volume concentration is important, as well as the selection of individual raw materials. The anti-friction coatings should preferably be applied using an automatic or electrostatic spray.

Benefits and applications of anti-friction and wear-resistant coatings

  • Reducing friction and wear;
  • constant low-variation friction coefficients;
  • application in the most acute conditions due to temperature, voids and dust;
  • depending on the product, thermal resistance ranges from 200°C and +650°C;
  • in several cases, the lubrication is for life and free from oil and grease;
  • support for lubrication with oil and grease;
  • suitable for various materials, whether metals, plastics, elastomers or wood;
  • excellent protection against corrosion;
  • long product shelf life, without having an affect on aging;
  • ability to create coatings resistant to mineral oils and chemicals;
  • clean application, particularly for the friction point and surrounding areas;
  • ability to achieve thin (5-30 pM) and repaintable layers;
  • not subject to hydrogen embrittlement.

Brands used:

  • BERUCOAT AF: to be used preferably on metal surfaces, this series is made up of coatings that reduce friction, withstand extreme pressure and provide excellent protection against corrosion. The Berucoat AF coatings contain graphite, MoS2, PTFE or combinations of solid lubricants that provide outstanding anti-friction properties.
  • BERUCOAT AK: series made up of the so-called "non-slip" coatings for plastics, leathers or films. The transparent and almost invisible versions, based on solids, synthetic wax or nanotechnology, make it possible to achieve durable and effective acoustic comfort.
  • BERUCOAT MC: for these new anti-friction coating products, innovative microcapsule technology is used. Ball containers, visible only under a microscope, are filled with a special lubricant and immersed in a layer of paint. This way, the lubricant is released at the point of friction or lubrication only when a particular load has been reached. At that moment, between the friction surfaces, an extremely powerful lubricating film is formed which ensures outstanding durability.
  • Products in use:

    • BERUCOAT AF 130 based on MoS2;
    • BERUCOAT AF 732 based on MoS2 + PTFE;
    • BERUCOAT AK 376 based on PTFE.


Anti-friction coating treatments